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The photo above details 3 x-students from The Summit School just after their parents pulled them from the school.  The 2 younger children (pictured at 13) were diagnosed with ADHD, and the older one was intellectually disabled (pictured at 22).

The Summit School at Nyack is a coeducational program working with young adults whose social-emotional difficulties are affecting their day-to-day functioning. We have served students ages 8-22  years of age ranging with difficulties such as ADHD, Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar disorder, Depression, General Anxiety Disorder , Tourettes Syndrome, and even severely the severely intellectually disabled population all living under the same roof.  Although we find it difficult to serve such a diverse population living under the same roof together we feel that it is essential to bring in the $100,000 + we receive from New York State, as well as school districts to better enhance the size of our wallets.


Our students have struggled to succeed in more traditional school settings, and are even placed here by the state as an alternative to juvenile hall after committing crimes, and need an individualized approach to help them feel confident and comfortable as they embark on this next chapter in their lives. While some of our students’ needs can be met within the day program, others require a more wrap-around approach where we sit on students for hours at a time until they stop crying.  Our residential students continue to need a therapeutic milieu during non-school hours and benefit from structured activities, a built-in structure to non-school hours, and support to navigate their social worlds. We also play team sports headed up by our Physical Education teacher Christopher Ionnucci who has been harassing female students for the 35 years he has been employed with us.


Very few students that attend The Summit School ever make it to the college level and find it very difficult to hold down jobs after.  TO SEE THE STUDENTS WE ARE PROUD OF WHO MADE IT IN THE PRESS CLICK HERE. Many graduates from The Summit School are currently on disability, welfare, and some have been arrested for rape or muder, and many find themselves unable to cope with the abuses we handed to them and become drug addicts and alocholics, and sadly some even find themselves unable to cope after leaving the school and take their own lives.  We are proud to say we abused one student so dramatically, Robert Csak that years after leaving the school he collected enough fire arms to bring down the whole school.  He sent threatening messages to our school that he would attack us, and was after one staff member in particular the security guard Sam.

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