A program unlike any other institution, after we abuse children we give them goats to hug to calm our students down:

During the COVID pandemic New York's Governor Cuomo gave a shoutout to The Summit School Goat Program in one of his Coronavirus updates:

"When Nyack resident Anna Solveig Sicari visited her parents recently, she brought along some unusual guests with her—two Nigerian dwarf goats named Sawyer and Scout. Sicari works at a therapeutic boarding school in Rockland County and oversees the school's animal care program. Over the holiday weekend, she treated the goats to some spectacular New York hiking—taking them to the Pinnacle overlooking Lake George and around trails in the Catskills. We hope they enjoyed the view!"

While we are sure The Summit School enjoyed the exposure this shoutout gave them we wanted to make sure you understand that these goats are an absolute necessity at the school as in between being verbally, physically, sexually, and medically abused by Summit School staff hugging a goat once a day can feel pretty damn good!