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Cultivating Fear, Silence, Pain, and PTSD in all who need our assistance.

The Summit School Nyack and Queens NY


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We are a strong movement of survivors who have created the site to bring you the dark truths behind

The Summit School organizations.


The Summit School at Nyack was created in 1974 as a residential program associated with Summit Queens founded by Mayer Stiskin. The Summit School at Nyack's picturesque campus is located on approximately 10 acres of land in the village of Upper Nyack, NY. The property was originally the estate of Justin DuPratt White, a slave owner.  Built in 1927, it provided a riverfront setting for an elegant home, complete with stables, greenhouse, and a springfield pool. Behind closed doors Mr. White owned many African American slaves, some for their entire lifetime.

From 1934 through 1972 the Miramare Estate was the home of the Nyack Boys School. Nyack Boys School shut down in 1971 due to financial trouble, the newspapers said. At the end, according to the mother of a boy in the last class, the place was in chaos, with misfits including the faculty and students, unsupervised, scaling the heavy slate roof. Not much has changed since.  The Summit School at Nyack was created in 1974 as a residential program associated with Summit Queens founded by Mayer Stiskin. Mayer Stiskin also opened a camp in Pennsylvania, Summit Camp where many children have were abused, allegedly by Mayer Stiskin himself. Mayer and his wife Ninette also opened Summit Queens in the 1960's.

Since 1974 The Summit School has thrived "educating" and abusing thousands of children who have attended.  Since inception the school has had far too many calls to Clarkstown Police Department and Child Protective Services for children being injured, raped, murdered, and sadly for suicides that have taken place at the school all due to the schools culture of abuse that has gone back to its very beginnings. 

Sadly we would like to make you aware that the first lawsuit in The Summit School's history is currently in litigation.  The lawsuit was brought forth by a students parent, Mindy Blackstone who we commend having the guts to go against The Summit School.  Bayla Blackstock was raped by a student at the school in 2015.  When the police were called, and Principal Deborah Sherwood allegedly told the mother, "These kind of things happen here, you have to expect it and you have to understand the type of children who go here.  This was not rape."   The mother Attorney, Mindy Blackstock soon thereafter spoke with Bayla's social worker, and she informed Ms. Blackstock that indeed her daughter was raped.  Although the police were called and Mr. Sitman and Ms. Shrewood were aware of the incident the student who raped Bayla was allowed to stay in the school, forcing Bayla to have to face him on a daily basis.  Soon thereafter Bayla was removed from The Summit School by her mother and placed in an alternative school where she has thrived. We are very proud to have Bayla as part of The Summit School family of


The story of Bayla Blackstop sadly is nothing new. Deborah Sherwood, Mr. Sitman and the administration of the school have ignored sevaral counts of abuse at the school by allowing students and STAFF to remain attending and working for the school even after they committed heinous acts of abuse.

Due to the efforts of a Facebook group that was formed which is unaffiliated with this site  "The Summit School Exposed" by the group's founder x-Summit Nyack student, Jason Samel along with hundreds of other survivors of The Summit School's abuse the first investigation by the Rockalnd County District Attorney, in The Summit School's history was launched in 2020.  News 12 Hudson Valley also began an investigative report in mid 2020 when the abuse was brought to their attention.  We have been told by News 12 the story will definitively be aired many times, yet still they insist it their investigation is complete and currently in legal review.  We are looking forward to them airing the truth in our efforts to #JailTheAbusers and #ShutSummitDown.

We are here to make you aware and pray that you will share our message.  We are crying out for YOUR HELP! Our

family of x-students have been committing suicide many times a year. We are losing our own lives, and we seek justice and closure before we lose more. 


If you or someone you know has

information or resources to share

with us please contact us at summitschoolexposed@gmail.com

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